Sweet Misery Poodles


Dear Bev,
I've been meaning to tell you how much we adore our beloved "Leo".
We've had him a year this November and it has been wonderful.
He is in perfect health, smart, spunky and affectionate.

He's hardly ever alone we take him everywhere.
My husband takes him to his office and Leo loves to run to other offices nearby to say Hi to everyone.
The problem with taking him out and about is all the attention he gets, "what kind of dog is he? How sweet ? beautiful color! Couldn't you get a cute dog?! etc, etc,...... A great way to meet new people!
Thanks so much for our little pal, life with Leo is a lovely adventure.
*Leo was adopted November 2009


Here is your adorable puppy.
She sleeps through the night now and is very happy, intelligent, playful and funny.

A few days after we picked her up I wanted to expose her to the clippers
with which she will have an intimate relationship in the future,
so I thought I’d trim one foot as a starter, but since she didn’t mind that,
I did another foot and then we ended up with a full body clip as you can see in the pictures.

She does not want me to be out of her sight and knows the instant I leave the room
whether she is asleep or not.
I just wanted you to know that your devoted loving care and socializing has paid off
in promising many years of happiness to her new family.


*Jolie was adopted October 2010

Good Morning Bev,

I thought you might like to see Ginger on her first birthday.
I had a little party for her and invited her cousin (Sierra).

I have to say Ginger has the best personality she is very calm,
easy going and doesn't bark only when she wants some toast she loves toast.
Samantha is just the opposite she needs attention all the time
but she loves her sister Ginger they play so well I'm so glad I have both of them
there such good company.

Sierra their cousin gets so excited when she gets to play with Ginger and Samantha
Both Lynda and Carolyn just adore Sierra.
Thanks again for breeding such wonderful little poodles there "GREAT".

* Samantha was adopted March 2009, Ginger was adopted March 2010
and Sierra was adopted May 2010

Hi Bev

I found a groomer in Lodi who has been grooming dogs for 50 years in her home.
She said she was very busy but would do Joe one time,
well after she worked with him she said she
would take him all the time, that he is a very good dog.
He is almost house broken now and sleeps all night in the big bed.

Even though I wanted a female I feel very lucky to have Joe.


*Joe was adopted June 2010

Hi Bev,

I can't begin to tell you what a joy my precious little Zoe is.
She is the most loving little baby anyone could ever want.
She is close to 10 months old now and still weighs in at just 4.5 pounds.
I am so glad that she picked me and I was able to have her as we are a perfect match.
She can sit, do down, wait, stay and come with a special word that she gets a special treat for.

Thanks again for working with me to get the perfect little girl.

Nola and Miss Zoe

*Zoe was adopted November 2009

Hi Bev!

It has been almost one month since these little cuties came to live with us. I cannot imagine not having both of them...they play together and learn from each other, but they are fine being apart. They sleep in their own crates at night, they do not make a peep for at least 7 hours, and then right out to do their business in the morning.
Paprika has started puppy training classes. The first class he attended, he did not bat an eye while all the large breed puppies were barking like mad at each other. Paprika just laid on his rug and took in the action. He is a very easy going dog and very athletic. He has no problem clearing the gate that we have set up to cut off the back of the house. He only does it when one of us is back there because neither Paprika nor Pepper are devious or trouble makers...they do, however, relish the occasional crime of opportunity, most recently, the almost empty roll of toilet paper!
Pepper is a sweetie...very independent, but willing to be put in wagons, backpacks and other things that make Paprika crazy. Pepper is a little more prone to separation anxiety, but is definitely improving. She is better than Paprika at signaling that she wants to go outside.

All in all, they are fantastic dogs, even before training them. We are an active family and we take one or both of them everywhere. Everyone who meets them loves them and are amazed by their calm temperament. I enjoy deconstructing the "yappy little dog" generalization!

Thank you Bev, you were a pleasure to work with for all those months leading up to our adoption! Beyond that, I know that I can contact you now with any questions...you are a professional!
I have been hoping that the Obamas will choose a poodle for their girls' pet...we'll find out this week!|

Very SIncerely,
Becky, Eric, Charlie and Kelly

*Pepper & Prika adopted December 2008

Hi Bev,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how much we adore this little puppy.
He is just the greatest puppy! He is so smart and so sweet!

These pictures were taken the day after he came home. I’ll send more soon.

Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family!


* Cody was adopted November 2008

Hi Bev,

We wanted to update you on Jersey. We couldn't be more happy with her!
Her temperament is perfect! She loves to play but will settle down and cuddle
quickly. She is also the smartest dog (we are proud parents :-)) we've ever met.
While she is only 4 months old she has already learned so much. She is house trained,
and knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, play dead, shake (with either hand), wave, stay,
f etch, go outside, and come on command. I had heard that poodles are easier to train than
most other dogs, but I am constantly amazed how quickly she learns new tricks and commands.

She is a wonderful addition to our family and we thank you for your excellent breeding!

We love her so much!

We would recommend SMPoodles to anyone looking for a dog!

Thanks again!!!

Jake and Lisa Reed

* Jersey was adopted May 2008

Hi Bev,

I can't tell you how much happiness Luna has brought to our lives. She is such a
smart, playful, affectionate little girl. She is a wonderful companion and goes almost
everywhere with me. People are constantly commenting on how well she behaves in
any situation. She is a great traveler, and even comes with me to do my Ph.D. fieldwork
at the beach. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her. As my friend said recently,
"she is a dream dog."

Thank you, thank you again for all your hard work and giving Luna such a great start!

Talk to you soon!

Jessica (and Luna)

* Luna was adopted April 2008

Hi Bev!

We wanted to show you how beautiful our little girl is and let you
know that she's an incredible dog. We couldn't be more pleased
with her personality and her lust for life. Thank you so much!

We gave her a summer haircut, so she's not quite as furry,
but she sure does have a beautiful face and looks a lot like Greta.

Wishing you the best,
Adele Rogers

* JoJo was adopted April 2008

Hi Beverly,

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Oliver (Ollie). He is 6 months old
and such a joy. He is a very good little boy and has been a wonderful puppy.
He is very playful and active and loves everybody. He is so cute when anyone
comes over his whole body wags. Once my daughter Courtney is out of school
we will be starting some obedience classes, he is so smart I am sure he will be
the star. He is already good at sitting and walking on the leash.

When we left your house after picking him up we had a very long drive through the
snow back to our condo and I have to tell you he was the best puppy ever, very content
to just sit in our laps and in the carrier. The next day we had a long drive (about 11 hours)
back to southern California and again he was amazing he didn’t whine or complain at all.
We stopped every couple hours to get him out to potty and walk around a bit.
Again he was happy just being with us.

Thank you for the wonderful puppy.

Dave, Cyndi, and Courtney

* Oliver was adopted January 2008

Hi, Beverly,

We thought you might enjoy a new picture of Sam. He is the joy of our lives.
Beverly, he is the most playful and lovable puppy (and he is so smart!)
He's very social, in fact some of our friends come over just to see him! ;)

Today he weighs 7.6 pounds and stands about 10 inches to shoulder.
When strangers see him, they ask if he's a "stuffed toy" because he
truly has the most beautiful and adorable face!

His fur has lightened up quite a bit. His ears are still quite dark but his snout
is very white and he has a little white on his chest. We keep him on the food
and gold sea meal you recommended and Zuke's healthy treats.

Sam is very quick and agile, and began running patterns about 5 weeks ago.
From the minute he was able to go for walks outside (after his 16 week vaccine)
he instinctively knew to heel, never pulling or dragging on the leash. He "sits" and
"downs" on command and is beginning to respond to hand signals. We work with
him every day for about 15 minutes and he seems to thrive on the training.

Anyway, I'm sure you hear this, all of the time, about your puppies.
But, we wanted you to know how he is doing and how healthy he is. In fact,
when he had his check up and vaccine, the vet was quite impressed with
his body structure, the clarity of his eyes, and his sweet disposition.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

All our best, Barbara, Frank and of course, Sam!

* Sam was adopted November 2007, Lola and Nickey were adopted January 2008

Hi, Sharde' and Beverly,

I wanted to follow up with you and let you know what a pure joy "Greta's Apricot female" is.
She's been "home" now three weeks and she couldn't be a more perfect dog. We call her "Granger"
(in honor of "Hermione Granger", the female lead in Harry Potter, which my kids adore).

Beverly, I have sung your praises across town to everyone who has met Granger and commented
on her great personality. A trainer I'm getting some tips from described her as the most
self possessed, confident small dog she's ever met.

Anyway, thank you so much for the excellent work you do.

Dana & Family

* Granger was adopted October 2007

Hi Bev,

I just wanted to send you an updated picture of our precious little girl, Maggie.
My husband and I can't tell you the joy she brings to our lives every day.
What a personality! Maggie is only a little over 7 months old but is so
good natured and well behaved. Cudos to Bev and Sweet Misery
Poodles for their breeding of such fantastic pets.

Thank you, Bev, for all your help in our adoption of our girl.
I will continue to keep you updated on our Maggie.

Jennifer Worlton

* Maggie was adopted August 2007

If you are looking for a toy poodle breeder, look no further.
I adopted my adorable puppy Noodle from Sweet Misery Poodles.
Breeder Beverly Enoch and her assistant Sharde' were so helpful in
answering my MANY anxiety-filled questions in the weeks before my adoption.
Since I could not visit him in person before the adoption, they sent me pics of him as
he grew. When I went to pick him up, he was everything I imagined him to be and more!
I could not have asked for a more wonderful dog - he is so affectionate, curious, playful, smart,
and healthy. They gave him a fantastic start on housebreaking and socialization. If getting your pup
from a breeder, prospective dog owners should do alot of research on who they are getting them from.
I met my puppy's parents, and other dogs as well. SMP is a quality breeder that breeds quality dogs.

~ Alexis L. of New York

* Noodle was adopted August 2007

I LOVE Chanel. She is an awesome puppy. She is such a spoiled little girl already!
I took her with me to my mom's school fair yesterday and she was perfect.
I have a fancy bag I carry her in and she already loves it she jumps in it
on her own to sleep in.
She is sleeping on my bed with me in her own little bed.
Lola loves her as well.

I just wanted you to see a picture of her. I absolutely adore her.


*Chanel was adopted April 2010

Bev & Sharde:
Where do we begin...... We can only say what wonderful dogs you have produced.
We would highly recommend your dogs to anyone.

We had planned to purchase only one of your dogs after loosing our 15 year old mini
poodle, but after visiting your kennels and seeing your operation we decided on getting
two babies... and we will never look back or be sorry for that decision.

Miss Hannah Lee and Miss Lexie Louise are the most special things in our lives.
We cannot get enough of these precious babies. They are wonderful.... and what
wonderful personalities they have. We could not hope for anything more wonderful.....

If you are thinking of purchasing one of Bev's dogs, please do not hesitate as
you will never be sorry, as she produces such wonderful dogs.

What more can we say...

Much love,
Ken & Gale
Hannah & Lexie

* Hannah and Lexie were adopted April 2007

I just wanted to let you know how much we love Maui. She has been the
best dog ever! She was almost completely potty trained from the
moment we brought her home and she is so loving and playful. She has
become so much a part of our family I don't know what we did without
her. She adapts to every situation. She goes everywhere with us and
even flies in our plane. She loves playing with other dogs, sleeps
with us at night and LOVES TO RUN. She is incredibly fast. She is not
afraid of anything. For such a little dog she is tough. Here is a
picture of her just taken at 7 months. Her nose looks brown
because she loves to constantly bury it and her chew toys
in the dirt but she is still jet black.

Thanks for such a wonderful dog.


* Maui was adopted February 2007

Hi Bev and Sharde'! I'm writing from Pennsylvania to let you all know that
our little "Nittany" is doing wonderful. We have absolutely fallen in love with
him & can't imagine how we lived without him... especially my husband (who
would have thought?). We hired a personal trainer who has helped us very much
along the way. Nittany can now follow commands to "sit, paw & down". He also
rings a bell by our back door when he needs to go to the bathroom and hasn't
had an accident in weeks. He is truly a treasure and it's easy to see the
wonderful job you do with these pups in preparing them for their new
homes. Thank you so much for this little bundle of joy.

Talk to you soon, Shannon, Greg, Connor and Nittany

* Nittany was adopted November 2006

My name is Sofie. I'm 8 months old and Starbuck is my bio Dad. I look like a lot
like him. I'm very very playful. My brother Evan is 17 years old and he said life is
just one big game to me. I try to steal his socks whenever I get a chance and I climb
all over him when we play. I explore all over my Mom's flower garden and I collect sticks,
rocks and bugs. When my Mom tries to take them away from me, I run 100 mph all around
the yard and she can't catch me. I'm very good at walking on the leash and I take naps everyday
in my crate. I really like going in stores with my Mom, everyone likes to talk to me.
I like it here in San Diego. I'm having a blast.

* Sofie was adopted November 2006


Sorry this is late but I've been wanting to send you this picture of
Lucinda so you can see how she's grown It was taken just before this
last Christmas. This past January I've had her for two years and she's
everything I wanted and then some. Her last weigh in at the Vet she tipped
the scales at a whopping 5 3/4 lbs (such a broozer.)

As she's gotten older she's developed the most interesting markings.
Lucinda has an apricot stripe down her spine and one across her back side.
The tops of her ears are Apricot as well. The groomer I take her to says
she's never seen markings like this in a poodle before. She just loves it.

Lucinda loves to play and dig in the vegetable garden. She runs through the
parsley and digs up baby carrots. She loves to play with her squeaky rubber
ball so much so that she takes it to bed with her, and she sleeps on my bed.
She loves to travel in the car so she goes wherever I go.

I keep looking at your website and to check out all your new arrivals.
You've had some cuties and I think about getting Lucinda a brother
every once in a while but I'm not sure if I want a puppy again.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on one of your pups.

Thank you again.

Paula Rossetto

* Lucinda was adopted January 2006

To Whom It May Concern,
If your considering buying a poodle, I suggest you look no further. I have the person who
can give you what you want. A Poodle breeder with much experience in breeding and
raising poodles. When I first started my search, I couldn't find anything that fit my criteria.
I was on the verge of just giving up, when I decided to try one more time. I tried do a search
close to home and that's when I found this wonderful site. Sweet Misery Poodles.
I couldn't believe it. I filled out the puppy application and within 2 hours my emailed was answered.
From that point on I had a constant contact with the breeders assistant. She was always available
to answer all my questions. When the new puppies arrived, I was informed that my choice of a
puppy was born. I wanted a black female poodle. Beverly & Sharde will do there best to pair you
with the pet of your choice. I was also updated on pictures of my puppy's growth until I picked
her up. I can not express how happy this little joy has brought into my life. And I owe it to the
Sweet Misery's Poodles and there assistant for giving me a reason to smile again. Thanks
Bev & Shardé. Please feel free to contact me personally. Shardé has my email
address and cell number. I hope I could assist you more.


* Missy was adopted April 2005

Hi There!
How are your poodles doing?

We wanted to thank you again for such a healthy and intelligent poodle. :)
We love our little guy and so do all of our friends.
Even our macho friends who tell us they don't like small fluffy dogs, pick up Gus and never put him down!
"OOH! He's so cute!"

We've had Gus for a little over 1 1/2 years now and he still looks like a puppy!

When I walk around with Gus in the neighborhood I am an instant celebrity.
Tons of strangers, friends and family ask me about Gus.
"What kind of dog is he?" "Oh what a cute puppy!" "Where did you get him?"

Gus has a ton of personality and makes us laugh everyday.
I'm amazed at how he can play with our big dog, is faster than any dog I know,
and is still able to cuddle on my lap as I write this.

He's got the whole package!

Christine and Jon

* Gus was adopted June 2008

Dear Bev, I've been meaning to write you for quite a while now.
We have adopted three poodles from you in the past.
Our dogs include the oldest, Honey Bear (14 years), Snuggles (6 years),
and our new baby, Sweets (8 months).

They are the most wonderful dogs and have the best temperaments.
To anyone that is contemplating adopting a dog from you, there is no question,
your dogs/puppies are raised in the healthiest and most well balanced environment.
Our dogs are our family members and are so special to us.
They are great dogs and have become part of our family
due to the wonderful beginnings you gave them.

Thank you so much.

* Honey Bear was adopted January 1996, Snuggles was adopted March 2003
and Sweets was adopted January 2009

Hi Bev,

Coco is doing great and stops traffic everywhere she goes.
She has the greatest personality
and loves all the attention she gets from people.
I've taken her to nursing homes and they all love her.

All of the employees in the health food store get really excited when we go shopping.
They call her their mascot. If I plan on being in a store for 10 minutes, it usually takes
me an hour because of everyone coming to see her and ask me questions.
It's amazing the crowds she can draw. Most people have never seen a brown poodle
and want to know where I got her. I have sent dozens of people to you because of her.
It's not only the way she looks, but I've never known a dog that loves to greet everyone.

I was in Grass Valley one day and stopped in the fabric store.
A lady saw me with Coco and went to her car to get her dog.
It turns out that her dog was Coco's brother. Same mother and father and same birthday.
I took a picture with my cell phone. If you would like to see it, I will send it to you.

Take Care,

* Coco was adopted September 2006

Hi Bev

Thought you might enjoy these...............Our girls are wonderful.....
Thank You so much for your expertise in breedingand getting the puppies ready for their new homes.
Annie and Breezie are a delight.........we are so happy with them.

The new groomer was in love with Annie and Breezie.
She had a dog that did nothing other then bite her.....Annie and Breezie just loved her to death.
Your breeding expertise has really come thru with your puppies.
I would recommend you to anyone that wanted a Poodle.

We are so pleased with our little girls that I couldn't say enough to let everyone know how much
I would trust your expertise with your puppies.
Even the Vet has said what wonderful little puppies they are.
Couldn't be more pleased.

Donna and Bob

*Annie was adopted September 2009 and Breezie was adopted November 2009


Hi Bev:

Well, this darling girl is a gem! She is smart, playful, mellow and just an all-around great pup.
She graduated from puppy school last week and aced the final!
Pam and Linda had 6-7 stations set up that required the pups, who went through one at a time,
to demonstrate the lessons they learned.
Calli was the only one to do all of them...and right away!
She starts advanced puppy school this coming Tuesday.

Needless to say, we adore her...are totally smitten.
And so is everyone else who's interacted with her.
Tasha, her groomer says how fabulous and cooperative she is. Pam is equally, if not more, complimentary.
She said now that she knows our California Calli she wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sweet Misery Poodles!

Cal and Shukura are getting along very well! Calli has taught Shuki, who lived in a crate for five years, how to play!
They're a trip to watch, given their disparate size. Cal loves Shuk...and every dog she's come across.

We feel so grateful we found you and that Greta gave birth to such a remarkable baby.

So, thank you, thank you. Our lovely Calli-girl is THE best.

Best to you!

*Calli was adopted April 2010

Hi Bev!

We apologize for taking so long to send you an update,
but I think it's because we have spent everyday, since we picked him up,
soaking up the happiness he has brought into our lives.

It is my husband's first dog and we could not have asked for a better puppy than Louie!
He gets compliments everywhere he goes!

People have said that he looks like a stuffed animal
and they always compliment on his great personality and temperament.
We have been asked numerous times where we got him and we are always enthusiastic to refer them to you.

The manager at his daycare is now seriously looking into getting a toy poodle because of Louie
and we are definitely taking into consideration coming back to you to get him a sibling!

Thank you so much for breeding the cutest poodles with the best temperaments!

Warmest Regards,

Ruben, Kari & Louie

* Louie was adopted October 2008

Have I told you lately how much I love Sunflower Dog?
She is the best dog in the world. Fun, loving, sweet tempered, smart and beautiful.
I take her to the dog park in Auburn on a regular basis and
she LOVES to visit and run like a greyhound in big circles.

I talked to another woman this week at the park who said
she also has a red poodle which she got from Gail Z. because
you didn't have any reds available at the time.
She said her red poodle's temperament is not great.
I told her she should have waited for one of your pups.
Picture attached. Thanks again. ~ Karen

* Sunny was adopted October 2008
Here she is on the phone!

Hi Bev,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a great dog Bailey is.
Everywhere I take him, people comment on how cute he is.

He has adjusted very well to his new home and always seems happy. He learned to walk on a leash really quickly
and his favorite activity is our walk to Starbucks every morning to meet some friends for coffee.
He sits by the door waiting to go. He is curious about other dogs we see and is usually very friendly.
Only once did he not like another dog, and it was a miniature poodle that belongs to someone I know;
I think he may have sensed that that dog is very protective of her owner.
He is always very friendly to people and he loves to be petted by children or anyone.

His funniest thing is that he is puzzled by the "dog in the mirror" and he frequently tries to play with him.
I've attached a few pictures of this.

I took Bailey to the vet this past week and he said he is one of the healthiest poodles he has ever seen.

We saw Skye yesterday and she is also doing well.

I will send another picture after he gets his first haircut next month. Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!

*Bailey was adopted July 2009

Hi Bev.... I wanted to share my thanks again for one of the greatest gifts to come into our lives..."Lena Marie William."

She is such a friendly, happy and well adjusted dog.
She never passes a stranger without wanting to love on them and no one can resist her,
they stop and pet her and comment on what a nice dog she is.
We got her from you back in March and she is now 8 1/2 months old.

We couldn't have asked for a better pet and addition to our family. Thank you!!!


*Lena Marie was adopted March 2009


Hi Bev,

I hope I am finding you well. I just wanted to give you an update on the poodle girls.
They are great! Doing well and adjusting to life together just fine.
They do everything together eat, sleep, and play.
We love Maggie and she is more then we could of ever hoped for :).

I hope your family and all of your dogs are doing great, we will be in touch.

All the best,

*June was adopted May 2008 and Maggie was adopted May 2009

Hi Beverly,

Just wanted to share with you that Lucky has completed two puppy courses, and has passed with flying colors.

The trainer asked me if I had AKC papers because she says Lucky would be a perfect showdog....
I laughed, because I don't want a showdog, just a family pet.

But, it was nice to know that she thought so highly of my dog.

Thought you would like to know that.


*Lucky was adopted March 2009

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